Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stash It

My roommate and his girlfriend run a quarterly magazine called HASH Magazine. I offered to make an illustration for an article on British singer Alice Russell but am admittedly not feeling too stupendous about it. Although the issue came out fantastic! (good job guys!) I feel like I could have worked on my piece longer or made it a little more interesting.
Guess Ill just have to stash it until next time.

The idea comes from Minnie Riperton's famous album cover of her holding a half-melted ice cream cone in overalls. Minnie "loooving you is easy cause you're beautiful" Riperton had a big influence on Alice Russell.



  1. It looks great, Marie! You should post it along with the spread from the magazine!

  2. Thank you Kevin! By the way, your work is continuously looking amazing.