Thursday, December 9, 2010

Next !

I'm starting to collect as many magazines as possible to start a number of collages based on a mixed digital signal.
luckily, i know a lot of people with crappy cable and was able to snap a few reference shots with my camera phone...

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  1. i find art that imitates television presents itself as a great equalizer in alienation and reality. they both share a relationship of giving the viewer a false reality through a repetition of pre-existing imagery.

    id like to bring up questions of what is lost through distancing an audience. naturally, when something becomes digitized it is eroded in some way through it's reproduction. this creates a mosaic in which the missing parts are pre-determined and technology consequently begins to do the thinking for us. by creating a collage of these forms by means of a media within media i hope to depict the TRUE 21st century art mosaic.